Testing your electric fence security system.

How do you know if your electric fence security system is working properly?  Those of you who are not installers by profession, may not know that to trigger an alarm the electrical current in your fence has to be broken.  This can happen in many ways, the 2 most common ways which will indicate an intruder is a cut wire or if the Live and Earth wires touch each other as someone tries to climb over your fence.

The ‘Cut Wire and Earth Short Test’.

Apart from merely trusting the installer doing work at your premises or studying up on electric fence security systems yourself to ensure you understand how it works, there is one easy way to check:  the Cut Wire and Earth Short Tests.  To ensure you have a proper electric fence security system, it is imperative that both these tests are done.

Installers should show you the alarm system works.

Upon completion of your electric fence security system, your installer must show you that if a wire is cut the alarm is triggered.  This can be achieved by removing a bridge or by cutting a wire and repairing it (Cut Wire Test).  In addition, the installer also must make a short between the Earth and Live wires by putting some object in connection with both (i.e. a screw driver).  This simulates somebody pressing the wires together as if they were trying to climb over the fence.  Once the short between the Earth and Live wires are made the alarm must be triggered (Earth Short Test).


Ensuring effective and relaible security services.

Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd will always ensure our customers have been shown that their electric fence alarm system works, by performing these tests and always ensures any questions the customers have is properly answered so that our customers understand all they need to know about their electric fence.

This is one of the tips to be sure you receive quality service.  We are happy to discuss any further topics – please let us know if you have any questions about this article or any other topic related to security solutions, either by commenting below or emailing us at sales@nelspruitfencing.co.za.  For information re the services we offer, please visit us at www.nelspruitfencing.co.za.

23 March 2018, Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga