Electric fence alarm system installations have become common fixtures in South Africa. When an alarm is triggered on an electric fence alarm system the owner of the fence is alerted to an intruder and can take the necessary steps to protect himself, his family and his property.

But what if you are in the middle of a farm with an electric fence spanning more than 10 kilometres? How do you know where the breach has occurred? With the continuing improvement of fence and security technology the answer is quite simple.

JVA ZM20 - electric fence alarm system

JVA ZM20 – electric fence alarm system

By combining JVA’s ZM20 with a GSM Module, Nelspruit Fencing will split up your kilometres long fence into sectors and if an alarm is triggered in one of these sectors you will receive a text message (or email or Facebook notification, whichever you prefer) which will notify you of the sector in which an alarm is triggered.  This means you will be able to immediately direct your attention to the correct area, instead of traversing your entire fence before reaching the cause of the trigger.

In addition to directing you to the correct sector which is triggering an alarm, the ZM20 and GSM Module will also keep a careful log of any time when your energizer has been switched off and by assigning different codes to the different users, you will be able to see which user has switched off your energizer.


Clearly the electric fence alarm system will serve our farmers in and around Nelspruit (and anywhere else in Mpumalanga) well.  You will no longer waste precious time looking for the criminals on your farm to find out where in your crop they are stealing from, you will be able to zone in on them immediately.

If you have any questions about this specific electric fence alarm system or any other security solution, please contact James Deminey on +27 13 742 0004 / +27 74 104 6028 or visit our website www.nelspruitfencing.co.za.