You, as consumer, are faced with so many options of electric fencing products, we at Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd decided to launch a series of articles called “Know Your Products”.

This is the first “Know Your Products” article and is written to explain to consumers why you should never have a 5-line electric fence.  The first bit of information to take note of is that one of the most common ways an alarm on a security electric fence is triggered, is when the earth and live wires touch.

Below we made a drawing showing the electric current on a 5-line fence.  You will note the top 2 and the bottom 2 lines are live wires and only the 3rd wire is an earth wire.  This means that only if the 2nd or 4th line connects with the 3rd line, an alarm will be triggered.  This is impractical as an intruder will not try to climb through the middle of your security electric fence, but under or over it.


Below we made a drawing showing the electric current on a 6-line fence.  You will note that if the top or bottom 2 lines touch each other (which is where an intruder is most likely to try and enter) the live and earth wires connects and an alarm is triggered.  In addition to the top and bottom 2 lines, if the 2nd and 3rd or 4th and 5th lines connect it will also trigger the alarm.

Do not let anybody try and convince you a 5-line fence is sufficient as a Security Electric Fence, just to save costs.  Above we have demonstrated why it is most definitely not the case.

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5 April 2018, Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga