How do you know which security cameras to choose for your CCTV Surveillance System?  After all, there are many options to choose from.  Notably, one of the features to consider is the lens performance criteria of your security camera.  The lens size is directly linked to the reason you are installing a CCTV Surveillance System.

To clarify, the reason for your security cameras is for either, Detection, Observation, Recognition or Identification of the persons your camera can see.  Below is what each purpose means in terms of security cameras. 

  • Detection:  Meaning you will be able to detect movement in the area the camera is capturing. 
  • Observation:  Meaning you will be able to observe how people, animals or other objects are moving around in the area the camera is capturing.  This camera lens size is usually used in public parking spaces.    
  • Recognition:  Meaning you will be able to recognise a person you already know when you see him/her in the area the camera is capturing.    
  • Identification:  Meaning you will be able to identify strangers and read number plates on cars. 

It is very difficult to set a permanent rule saying an x mm lens automatically means you can identify up to y metres.  Due to the fact that there are other factors which impact on the distance of detail your security camera can see.  For example, the angle of installation will impact the distance of detail.  Also, a big lens which can identify at a large distance, may not be able to focus on something right in front of it.   Therefore, it is not enough to simply say you want a big lens. 

Obviously, the bigger your lens size, the more expensive your security camera.  Consequently, you need a professional company to provide you not only with the various options, but also to take the time to properly assess your site.  Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd will make recommendations to you so you, as the Customer and home or business owner, can make an informed decision regarding your needs.

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April 2019, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga