Be Smarter About Security!

In today’s digital age with its technology, it is easy to be smarter about security.  Access control manufacturers are constantly creating smarter systems with easier to use functions, which greatly assist companies of all sizes to effectively control access to their premises.  Furthermore, it allows companies to also secure sensitive areas within their premises, which greatly improves the security of any company whishing to do so.

In this article, we will have a brief overview of the various access control options and later we will write articles about specific smart functions and how it leads to more and better security.

There are mainly 3 ways to control access to your premises, whether it is an office building or a residential complex.

1. Keypad

This is the least expensive of your access control systems and the easiest to use.  It works with a master code which allows the main user to assign codes to staff members and to remove it if the staff member resigns.  The security issue, in this case, is that somebody other than your staff may see what the code is when it is entered which makes the system less secure.  From a cost perspective, the keypad does wear out, which means you will need to replace it at some point.

2. Card Reader

The device itself is not much more expensive than the keypad, however, it involves also procuring the access cards which is then distributed to residents at a residential complex.  The obvious security issue here is in the event somebody’s card is lost/stolen anybody can use the card to gain access at an otherwise secure entrance.  The running cost in this system is the replacement of lost/stolen access cards, not to mention the frustration in constantly replacing cards or providing “loan cards” to staff who forget their cards at home.

3. Biometric Reader

A biometric reader is more expensive than both a keypad and a card reader.  This is because it has no parts to be worn out, which necessitates replacement and as there are no cards to be handed out, has almost no running cost.  It must only be managed from an administration point of view – which is the same for both the keypad and card reader.  Therefore, this system offers the best security when it comes to access control, as people can’t lose their finger and a finger cannot be stolen.

Biometric readers are the current, smart system to use and will become more and more common place.  Additionally, the system comes with software which offers the administrators of it options for fine-tuning and reporting not previously seen.

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