Electric Fences:  Does it really work?  (Part 2 of 2)

Electric Fences: Does it really work? (Part 2 of 2)

Let’s pick-up where we left off in Part 1 of 2 (here is a link to the previous article: https://www.nelspruitfencing.co.za/electric-fences-does-it-really-work-part-1-of-2/) and again start with – Of Course electric fences work! Electric fences is a security measure to keep the bad guys out, or at least to provide you with plenty of warning (in the form of a 15 – 40 Watt siren going off) that somebody is trying to breach your perimeter security.

I dealt with the first 3 objections against electric fences and whether it works or not in my first article and now deal with the remaining 2:

1. Electric fences require too much maintenance; and
2. If the criminals really want to come in, you can’t stop them.

1. Electric fences require too much maintenance

I’m sure we’ve all seen those depressing electric fences with the fencing wire hanging loosely between brackets (some even broken completely with the ends hanging down the wall) and the brackets looking like it is on the verge of rusting and the fence just being a general eye sore to both the property and the neighbourhood.

The solution for this is very simple: ensure you use an installation company which does a professional installation and properly tensions your electric fence wire to ensure the wires do not sag. A professional installation company will use good quality products, so that your electric fence remains in good shape for years

The only care your electric fence does indeed require is to ensure it is kept clear of vegetation. Surely, this is not unlike mowing the lawn and generally keeping your garden neat? And in fact, yes, eventually a number of years after your installation (depending on the professionalism thereof) your electric fence will need to be re-tensioned with new springs and a few bobbins may need to be replaced here and there. This is something we do for a fraction of the cost of the actual fence and again any property has maintenance requirements from time to time. An electric fence will place undue responsibility on any property owner, which that owner does not already have. Especially if you use a professional installation company like Nelspruit Fencing.

2. If the criminals really want to come in, you can’t stop them

With as much respect as we can muster for this statement: yes, if someone is specifically targeting you and your property (almost like a hit!), you cannot really stop them. However, with this line of reasoning, why do you bother locking your front gate? We all do what we can to keep as safe as possible and to make it as difficult as possible for a criminal to enter your premises and if a criminal does manage it, to give you as much warning as possible to defend your loved ones and yourself. Electric fences are the best possible perimeter security with the best warning system – you just have to make sure it is installed properly and professionally.

At Nelspruit Fencing we take security serious and we’re happy to discuss all aspects of your electric fence and any other security system like perimeter beams with you. Contact us for your free quote in Nelspruit, White River, Barberton, Witbank, Lydenburg and Hazyview, 074 104 6028 / sales@nelspruitfencing.co.za / www.nelspruitfencing.co.za. Also, if you have any comments on this article, we’d love to hear from you and address any other objections or questions not dealt with in these articles. Stay safe!

12 September 2019 – Nelspruit Fencing (Pty) Ltd, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga